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Escapes: office night


Escapes: office nightThe hardest puzzle game waiting for you to get through!History of the hardest puzzle game: Escape Legend:office night, can you escape it? You entered a deserted office, but was somehow locked inside. Room was littered with bits and pieces of things, it seems that someone deliberately makes a trap! All kinds of unlocked doors in the office. You must find the hidden keys, or hidden objects, split or combined to get the necessary escape objects. Can you find the hidden objects, can you escape from these puzzle rooms? Good luck. The hardest puzzle game waiting for you to break! Use your intelligence and analysis capabilities, to escape this office night.Most challenging logic games, welcome to download for free.If you like this Room Escape game, please do not indulge. You will be addictive when highly have fun. Trust me.Please give us a five-star rating. Limited download now for free! Move your fingers, make you brainstorm high up!